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Don't just take our word for it. Veterinarians across the United States rely on IntraVet veterinary software to keep their practice running smoothly, from front office to back.

Susan Tobin of College Veterinary Hospital in Modesto, Calif., Manteca Veterinary Hospital in Manteca, Calif., and Village Oak Veterinary Hospital in Modesto, Calif. says: "I have recommended IntraVet to several clinics because it is easy to learn, user friendly, reliable and the support is wonderful!" We couldn't say it better!

Take a moment now to read testimonials from veterinarians like yourself who choose IntraVet veterinary software to manage their practice.

We Love IntraVet

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With their current system gone belly-up, Manager Rasha VanBeek and staff at Companion Animal Clinic in Roseburg, Ore., needed new technology that would be easy to learn and use.

The Search Is On
"Our previous system [Visionarian] went bankrupt, so we had no support, so we knew it was time to look for a new system," VanBeek says. "We did quite an extensive search. I called around to a bunch of clinics to see what systems they were using, then I got information from all the companies, saw their demonstrations and then I visited references all over Oregon and watched how they actually used the software."

"I was looking for a system that would be very user friendly, something that the whole staff could be comfortable with. With our old system, sometimes our staff was afraid of it, and if the client didn't understand their invoice, most of the time neither did we! We also were very concerned about support."

"After seeing all these systems, we were immediately drawn to IntraVet because we really liked the clean look of it. It's not too busy, but very consistent with Windows, so if you know Windows at all, it's very easy to learn. My whole staff agreed; when I showed them demos of other systems they stopped me because they were already set on IntraVet."

"Another factor in choosing IntraVet was calling their support department. Everyone at IntraVet and FireFly Technologies was so helpful and friendly, and down to earth. We really appreciated dealing with real people. Also, the fact that IntraVet offered four days of training, if we wanted it, made us feel really comfortable about the transition."

A Lot to Like in IntraVet
"The invoicing process is very important to us, because it's something that you do every day with a client standing in front of you. Our old system was a real pain because you had to do separate invoices for each patient, and you had to post the payment separately. With IntraVet, we appreciate the fact that you can do multiple patients on one invoice, and post just one payment."

"Another thing I love about IntraVet is the reports. They are endless! There are so many different reports, and you can run them for any date range. Also, the end-of-day balancing process is so easy. There's so much we like about IntraVet, it's hard to narrow it down!"

Making the Switch
"All went well with the data conversion. Most of our information came across perfectly and we were very pleased. We can see all of our old information and things went so smoothly, our clients couldn't even tell that we went through a computer change."

"We had IntraVet on site for four days of training, which was really worth it for us. It enabled us to make the transition without closing the clinic or impacting our clients at all. I just scheduled extra people for training, and after two days all 17 employees were fully up to speed and ready to go. Then, once everyone was comfortable with the system, the extra time allowed the IntraVet trainer to stick around and help us with any questions, as well as go in depth with me on functions that the staff didn't need to see, such as reports and inventory. I'm glad we had the opportunity to learn everything the system can do."

All the Staff Likes IntraVet
"One of the best things about IntraVet is that it is just so easy to use. For example, one of our employees just hated computers or technology of any kind. She was so stressed out and frustrated just coming to work before, because of our computer system. We were really worried about her, even though she had been using it for four years it was very stressful for her. Once we switched to IntraVet, she went through the training over a day and a half and she actually started having fun using the computers. Now, she is so happy and relaxed, she's not afraid to use it, and she was actually showing me how to do something. She was really excited that she could actually teach someone else about the computers now!"

"In our clinic, the doctors don't really use the system. For them, the priority was to get a system that works smoothly for the clients and the staff, one that we would be happy with, and one that gives them the reports they want to see. IntraVet is so easy to use, though, that we might try to show them how to do a few things. I think it would be fun for them to use the computers."

Making the Right Decision
"We are just really happy with IntraVet. After the problems we've had with other systems in the past, it's almost too good to be true. The whole experience with IntraVet has been great. It was a very hard decision, and very stressful for me because it was my responsibility to make the right decision and I didn't want everyone to be mad at me if I chose a system that wasn't great. But IntraVet is everything we hoped for. I definitely made the right decision."