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Don't just take our word for it. Veterinarians across the United States rely on IntraVet veterinary software to keep their practice running smoothly, from front office to back.

Susan Tobin of College Veterinary Hospital in Modesto, Calif., Manteca Veterinary Hospital in Manteca, Calif., and Village Oak Veterinary Hospital in Modesto, Calif. says: "I have recommended IntraVet to several clinics because it is easy to learn, user friendly, reliable and the support is wonderful!" We couldn't say it better!

Take a moment now to read testimonials from veterinarians like yourself who choose IntraVet veterinary software to manage their practice.

IntraVet Provides a Complete Package, Plus Great Service!

When Office Manager Debra Harrison of the De Zevala Shavano Veterinary Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, needed to replace their Impromed system, she wanted to choose a company based on service. IntraVet came out on top for this small animal/exotic practice.

"When we switched to IntraVet in October 1999, it was because we just didn't have any confidence in Impromed, our previous software provider. We wanted a complete Windows program, and we were looking for better service," Harrison says.

"We chose IntraVet because we saw the AAHA survey that ranked IntraVet tops in support. We were very impressed with that."

"The transition was fine, the data conversion process wasn't too painful and the training went really well. IntraVet is so easy to use that training new employees is very easy."

Appointments Are Key
"One thing we really like about IntraVet is the appointment calendar. It is very easy to use and has a lot of nice features. For instance, one great option is to mark a client as a ‘no show' if they don't keep their appointment. That way, you have a history of their no-shows and in the future, if they make an appointment but have a habit of not keeping it, you can be smarter about how you schedule them and you might squeeze someone else into that same time slot. We also like the ability to specify which doctor the client has requested, so the right doctor goes into the right room!"

"We're getting ready to start using the email reminders available in IntraVet, and clients just love the patient pictures."

Focus on Service
"I would say that most software is fairly comparable, but the service is the biggest selling point for IntraVet."

"When you call IntraVet support, you talk to someone right away, versus with our last company you would call, get the receptionist, leave a message and then someone might call you back an hour later, but an hour later you might not have time to deal with the issue."

"I think that any clinic looking for a new software solution is going to have their own specific needs, but if they are anything like ours, I would recommend that they look carefully at the invoicing features, the appointment calendar and the inventory features, all of which IntraVet does well."

"A lot of programs have similar features and the mistake that many people make when looking for a system is focusing entirely on the software features, and not at all on service. Support is key because inevitably, there will be a time when you'll need help. Make sure you are choosing a complete package with outstanding service. I'd recommend IntraVet."