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Here are just five of many reasons to use IntraVet:

Best in support.
At IntraVet, you're not just a number. Your business is our business and we'll work with you to ensure your success. Don't just take our word for it - IntraVet users have rated us the best in support over the last 10 years in American Animal Hospital Association's Trends Magazine Reader's Choice Software Survey.
A turnkey solution.
IntraVet computers arrive at your practice ready to go - pre-tested and configured. An expereinced IntraVet installer sets them up, directs you on how to use them and shows you how to back up your important practice data. Your questions are answered onsite by someone familiar with the equipment and how it works with the IntraVet program. Plus, you'll only have one contract and one financing package.
Single-call support.
We strive to answer all of your hardware and software questions with just one phone call. Our support staff knows how our hardware works with IntraVet, which speeds up diagnostics and allows us to answer questions and replace damaged equipment quickly and efficiently. There's no discussion about whether it's a hardware issue or a software issue - we concentrate on solving the problem - not deciding whose problem it is.
Fast solutions to hardware issues.
To ensure reliability, our systems use quality brand-name parts, such as Intel, Seagate and Samsung. When issues arise, customers with equipment under our swap warranty receive a fully reconditioned, tested and configured computer or other piece of equipment within days of the diagnosed problem. Other vendors may take weeks to process an item, fix it and send it back. When you receive your equipment, our knowledgeable phone support staff will help you install the item onto your network at no additional cost. Plus, there is no charge for ground shipping to your practice.
Enhanced expandability and compatibility.
Typical practice enhancements, such as communication between multiple sites, merchant services and digital imaging require hardware and software to work together. Our equipment and configuration make it easy to add additional computers and equipment without an onsite visit. You'll spend less time deciding which vendor to call when you have a question, and more time with your clients.
Put IntraVet's turnkey solution to work in your practice. Contact us for more information at 1-877-422-8838 or