Use IntraVet Where You Want, When You Want

IntraVet is adaptable to your veterinary practice's workflow needs. Do you work in the field? Work from home? Have five or more workstations or multiple practice locations? Or do you use a Tablet PC so you can write notes on the run? IntraVet veterinary software enables all that and more.

One Data Center For All Your Work Locations
Your satellite clinics can work off the same data as the main office, thanks to Remote Desktop Services, also known as Wide Area Network (WAN). Just like working at the main office, your satellite offices share the same client/patient database but will not interfere with each other's access. You can work from your home computer the same way. Remote Desktop is easy to use. Just log in over an Internet connection!
FieldVet: IntraVet on the go, coming soon!
With FieldVet, you can work in the field with all of the same capabilities and data as if you were in the office. This scaled-down version of IntraVet can be loaded onto your laptop, notebook computer or Tablet PC so you can provide computerized service in the field without an Internet connection:
  • Access all client and patient records, including financial and medical histories
  • Add new clients and patients to the database
  • Save and print documents such as invoices, rabies certificates, receipts and estimates, and even reprint previously entered invoices
  • Print end-of-day transactions, end-of-day services and daily totals
  • Write important notes about your appointments
  • Change or enter partnership information - an important function for equine practitioners
At your convenience, transfer your data from FieldVet to your main IntraVet system.