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Credit Cards

Integrated Credit/Debit Card Processing

  Let IntraVet integrate credit card processing with your veterinary office software! Transactions are processed directly in the IntraVet Payment window. This eliminates the need to process transactions through a separate credit card machine, which saves you time and money!

Here's how you benefit:

  • No need to purchase and maintain outdated credit card terminals and printers
  • Card receipts print with the client account number, employee OPID and more
  • Card type is automatically assigned when swiped
  • Increases accuracy - no need to enter amounts in both your software and a credit card machine
  • Report information is contained in IntraVet
  • Security options include: ZIP Code/Billing Address/Card Validation (CV) Code

Reduce your cost of accepting electronic payments. Start processing credit and debit cards the quick and easy way!

To see how X-Charge can help you and to learn more about this innovative veterinary-software feature, call your IntraVet Representative today at 1-877-422-8838.