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Value of Training

IntraVet is excited to deliver the new version of our software. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of our suite of training programs that your practice can sign up for to better utilize your IntraVet program.
IntraVet's professional training team has the knowledge and experience to help your practice get the most out of using IntraVet no matter what your practice size or practice style. Your employees are your practice's best asset. An investment in IntraVet training can help you save money by reducing employee turnover, increasing employee job satisfaction and improving client retention and compliance.
IntraVet's training offerings are an easy way for you to add value to your practice by providing your employees with the tools they need. According to Forbes, every dollar spent on employee training has the potential for a four-to-one return on investment.
See our full scope of training programs below, and get started today by watching our video tutorials here.

Training Options

As the best training choice for new IntraVet users, onsite training puts a professional IntraVet Trainer where you need them – in your practice. In addition to training new users on IntraVet basics, IntraVet Trainers help with software installation/configuration, data orientation, onsite support and real-time feedback when your practice goes live with IntraVet. Each onsite IntraVet training is customized to your practice’s specific needs and business process, and every one of our Trainers is an IntraVet employee – not a contract or independent trainer – so you can be sure your Trainer has the most up-to-date information available. Average onsite trainings last between two and four days, depending on how many employees will be trained, which IntraVet features you wish to use and whether your practice will be open or closed during the training time.

As a cost-effective choice for follow-up training, IntraVet's phone trainers utilize Web-based technology to walk you through training on your computers using the Internet. Choose a two-hour phone training session to get you started using a particular feature, such as Boarding or Inventory, or choose a six-hour package to get a new employee up to speed quickly and efficiently.

As part of our commitment to ensure that your practice is getting the most out of your IntraVet software, we are offering free 1-hour training sessions via webinar. These sessions focus on specific features within IntraVet, such as Appointment Calendar, Control Center, Reception Workflow, Inventory, and more.

User Meetings
Join us at an upcoming IntraVet User Meeting. Limited to current IntraVet users, these hands-on, day-long seminars present a variety of IntraVet topics and include question and answer sessions with IntraVet Trainers.

For more information and pricing on any of the above training options, please call 877.422.8838.